Disclaimer: we are a virtual airline intended for flight simulation hobbyists and are in no way affiliated with the real-world South African Airways. If you are looking for the real-world SAA, you can find them on www.flysaa.com 

VirtualSAA fills the gap in the virtual Southern African airspace and the need for a virtual national carrier in South Africa. We are closely affiliated with VATSAF (the Southern African division of VATSIM) and are proud to be officially partnered with VATSAF’s Virtual Airline Partnership Programme. We do not enforce online flying for our pilots, but we do strongly encourage it. The Southern African VATSIM community is a mature and close-knit one, with many events planned between VATSAF and its partner Virtual Airlines.

With the strong focus of online flying in mind, we have a comprehensive guide on SAAv on how to get started with VATSIM – all to help you find your feet and become comfortable with the network! You can find this guide in the FAQ section.

We encourage you to browse through our site to find the answers to any questions you may have before signing up. The Ops Manual contains plenty of valuable information, and the Statistics page will give you a glimpse of the company you would be keeping in the virtual African skies.

While we do have pilot ranks based on hours, there are NO rank limitations for airframes. This means that you can fly any airframe you like, at any rank. You can also substitute any airframe for another – within limits.

As avid flight simulation pilots ourselves for many years, we have realised that there is nothing as off-putting as joining a Virtual Airline and then being unable to fly your preferred aircraft due to your low starter rank. We have therefore eliminated the rank-airframe limit system, and you will be able to fly long-haul routes with the heavies from day one, if you wish. We also allow realistic airframe substitution. This means that you are free to fly your favourite addons. Our only requirement is that it be at least realistic and plausible. If you want to fly your PMDG 747 on a flight between Johannesburg and Cape Town – no problem! Have fun! However, for obvious reasons you would never fly a 747 from Cape Town to George, for instance.

Finally – have fun! Flight Simulation is about enjoying what you’re doing without too much red tape, but without sacrificing the realism and immersion. Our whole design objective behind vSAA is simple: it should feel REAL. You should feel like a real-world pilot, with the real-world procedures that go along with it – not to mention the feeling of flying for a real airline. The trick is to maintain that element while reducing unnecessary limitations and repetitive red tape. It’s a fine balance, and that is what we’re aiming for at vSAA. We hope you find a good, solid aviation home with us.